Our Services
Are Centered
Around 3 Cs


Career Mapping

Students are often found to be at a fix when it comes to choosing the right study path. They are often influenced by their parents or their peers. Career Mapping sessions are aimed at encouraging students to identify their interest and passion and pursue their academic career which is in line with their interest.
This is a free service provided by Future Quest. Secondary and +2 students are encouraged to avail this service.

Language Classes

Knowledge of Language is a key to understanding a subject better. We offer general English Language classes to anybody who is interested in improving his/her language skills or to be able to study, work or travel to countries where the English language is spoken by a majority of its citizens.

Test Preparation

Admissions to Institutes/Colleges/Universiti es abroad requires a certain level of English Proficiency. We offer IELTS, TOEFL, PTE-A test preparation classes to prepare prospective abroad study students to qualify for admissions. Apart from these tests, we provide GMAT preparation classes which Business schools use as a criterion for admission into a wide range of graduate management programs, including MBA, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Finance programs.


It is very much important for a student to understand the background of a country/ city where they wish to pursue higher studies. Our qualified counselors help students understand in detail the history, geography, climate, customs and traditions, laws, language, education system, currency, rules and regulations, lifestyle so that they can prepare themselves to transition in to a completely new environment smoothly. Counseling helps student to familiarize themselves with their destination of study.

Admission Assistance

We provide our students clear comprehensive and credible information about Institutes, programs, program details, cost of study, duration of study, mode of study etc so that they can make an informed decision as to which institute to choose that can help them in achieving their academic goals. Once the student decides the program and the institute, we assist them to put together all the necessary documents and apply on their behalf.

Documentation Assistance

Once the Institute/College or University accepts a student's application for enrollment, we assist them to prepare additional documents needed for guaranteeing their financial capacity to be able to fund their studies abroad and the reason for their need to study abroad. We guide them for the preparation of financial documents and other relevant documents necessary for being able to be issued a confirmation letter of admission.

Visa Services

Once the student is successful in securing enrollment in an Institute/ College or University we assist the student in paying their required Tuition and Health Insurance as applicable. On confirmation of enrollment, we lodge the visa application on the student's behalf along with necessary documents and also assist them in getting their health screened as per requirement which vary from country to country.

Pre - Departure Briefing

Before the students board their first flight to the destination of their study, we brief them in detail about various airport procedures they have to go through before departure and after their arrival at the destination. Additionally, we educate them about modes of transport, traveling from point A-B, cost of daily use commodities, personal safety, keeping healthy and taking precautions, dealing with home-sickness, availing emergency aid services like paramedics and or police etc.